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Writing to Heal Together: A Writing Workshop

Do you have a testimony? But more importantly, do you trust yourself to tell the truth of your testimony? In Writing to Heal Together, Berlisha R. Morton, PhD and Vincent T. Harris, PhD will share their experiences of the power of the spiritual connection between Black Girl Joy and Black Boy Joy. And through acknowledging this spiritual connection, they will discuss the possibilities of being able to write together to heal together. As Black Southerners with strict Bible Belt upbringings, these writers have had to navigate engaging in vulnerable and authentic writing processes about complex racial, gender, and sexual identities while processing the real and/or perceived consequences of writing from these vulnerable and authentic spaces in regard to family and work life. Morton and Harris will explain how they wrote together and essentially, helped each find the internal greenlight to tell the stories they needed for themselves. In this workshop, writers will learn how to lean into Black Girl Joy and Black Boy Joy to write together in order to write to express, write to teach, and write to heal.

When: Saturday March 27th

Time: 12 PM EST / 4 PM GMT

Where: Zoom

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