• abigailoluwayomi

Where In Art Can You Find Resistance?

Where is Art can find resistance?

In A big revolution happening in the distance?

Something massive?

Something explosive?

Something remarkably ground breaking, unbelievably suspensive?

Or could it also be present in something as simple as an ounce of creative instance?

A great revolution as important as a little dance.

Intuitively present in an infant.

Or A messy sketch on Christmas Day,

A draft of poem written on a late Wednesday,

The struggle to stay positive everyday.

And the fight that always finds a way,

Beauty found within - is resistance!


The Writer Behind the Writing

Abigail Oluwayomi

Art and resistance can be something international, happening away from us, but it can also apply to beauty found within - which is also something big. When people come together and share this beauty a revolution is born. That drives resistance.

Finding beauty in the little things around us. Such as, watching the blue sky or playing in the rain. This things despite appearing little puts a smile on my face, which in turn makes me more thankful and mindful and gives me the drive to face each day with resistance.

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