• The Only Space


I'm constantly mimicked about my voice,

But the thing is it's not a choice.

Your voice is produced inside you,

So by your teasing what am I to do.

I mean your voice reflects where your from,

And I know I'm not the only one,

Who has to go through the irritating copycats,

Because seriously that's where we're all at.

All the ones from different countries with different parents,

Who just wanna wash out their mouths with detergent,

Because maybe somehow they'll sound normal at last,

Maybe they'll sound normal and finally have a blast,

With friends who speak like them,

And a country that accepts them.

Because this is the price we must pay to fit in

And not feel disgusted in our own skin

Loosing ourselves in process

Due to the self confidence we don't seem to possess.

I think the worst part is when you are asked,

To "do your accent”—a wonderful task,

As if it was a party trick like pulling a penny out of your ear,

Or making that same penny disappear,

Because disappearing is what I wish I could do,

And not have to be in my own shoes.


The Writer Behind the Writing

Hi, I’m Jaz!

I’m a 19 year old, law student but my true passions lie in art and creativity. I’m a poet/writer, and also have my own youtube channel and podcast (which I started a few weeks ago). I’m also very passionate about human rights and making the world a better place for children and minorities especially. I think the arts are the best way for people to come together and it can be used to explore deep human emotions and experiences in a way science just can’t. I’m eager to bring black, POC, and LGBT+ stories into the limelight as they can often be neglected.

You can find my other work here, and look out for more of my work on TOS.