• gcefull

Us and Time

You came to waste my time

But tonight it’s alright

This night is more chaotic

A riot inside our minds

So let’s find serenity in silence on the tube

As we inhale the stuffy fumes

It’s feels like 11 o' clock

But it’s really 4:45

We slickly coat ourselves in compatibility

It’s a big word but we don’t know what to call what we have

Just what we don’t want, labels

I wish I could paint

So I could solidly feel your movements in layers

As a conveyer,

Capturing you where you look best in my eyes

Not in megapixels

But I can’t draw and you know that,

We sit opposite each other making eye contact

We don’t have to sit together, hold hands, or kiss for people to know we’re together

We just are

You like me because I’m clumsy, observant, quiet but when you get to know me quite confident

I know why I like you but I won’t tell you why yet

This is our stop, Brixton station.

As we walk out the station we’re greeted by the harsh cold

The chewing-gum coated sidewalks

I regret that I never bring a scarf whilst you and I talk

I lowkey think this is the time where you allow me to wear your padded bomber jacket

But it isn’t, because you know I’m a winter baby and when it comes to the cold I should just ‘hack it’

You see, I know why I like you but I won’t tell you why yet

I’ll keep it a secret, until you read/hear this poem, I’m hoping for a text next


The Writer Behind the Writing

My name is Grace, in my free time I use poetry to help my express emotions as well as a form of escapism for myself and anyone who reads my poems. My poetry account on Instagram is @getth0e .