• The Only Space

TOS Event - How We Tell Stories: Black Feminisms, Film and Resistance

Film continues to be a space in which Black womxn participate in a storytelling practice that redefines identities, challenges institutions, and imagines radical feminist futures. By both telling their stories and shifting the ways in which Black womxn’s stories have been traditionally told, space is created for the multiple, complex, and differing ways in which Black womxn exist in communities around the world.

According to African Feminist author and filmmaker Tsitsi Dangarembga, the power of film lies in its ability to speak to the individual and shape consciousness. In participating in this form and creating film, Black womxn are disrupting a space that has historically ignored and marginalised Black and Brown communities. Through their visual storytelling, they participate in a form of resistance that strengthens communities and confronts inequalities.

The Only Space hopes to create a transnational dialogue around the role of Black feminisms in Black womxn’s filmmaking, the transformative potential of Black feminist filmmaking, and the relationships between Black feminist filmmakers and their art.


August 30th 2020 @ 1.30pm EST & 6.30pm GMT


Online - Zoom

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