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TOS Event - Finding Freedom: Sensuous Knowledge with Minna Salami

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

2020 has seen the emergence of protests against state governments around the world. Activist have organised to address police violence and racism in America, Angola, United Kingdom, and Nigeria, indigenous murders in Australia, authoritarianism in Zimbabwe, and sexual violence in South Africa, Namibia, Algeria, and Liberia. Though the COVID-19 pandemic isn't the cause of societal unrest, it has exacerbated the impacts of systems of oppression such as capitalism, racism, and hetero-patriarchy. The reality is though structures of oppression operate and manifest differently from country to country, ensuring freedom will require transnational movements and solidarities that work to dismantle these larger structures. In attempting to dismantle these structures, we must reimagine ourselves and consider new ways of being in the world. In defining new ways of knowing, we must centre the voices, legacies, histories, and knowledge often on the margins. Centring Minna Salami’s book Sensuous Knowledge, TOS hopes to create a dialogue between Minna and Black feminist organisers, academics, and creatives about their identities, feminist solidarities, and knowledge production.

Join us as Minna Salami discusses her work with Dr. Berlisha P. Morton, Somi Nwandu and Tife Soloye.

When? Friday 18th December 2020

Where? Online

Tickets are available here.