• The Only Space


Sistah Space is Hackney’s only service to support womxn of African & Caribbean heritage who suffer domestic abuse. They are seeing record demand but Hackney Council has now locked them out from their current premises and are trying to force them to return somewhere that is unsafe.

It is important that Sistah Space be allowed to remain in their current location until COVID-19 has been totally eradicated. Black and minorities groups are identified as being at the highest risk of dying from the virus. Hackney is among those with the highest death rates.

In addition, womxn who are doubly at risk through race and gender are already traumatised by abuse which has increased significantly since the lockdown. DV victims should not be forced to seek support in an area that is notoriously dangerous. We believe that Sistah Space are being discriminated against because of their race and gender.

You can help to support Sistah Space by signing this petition and/or contacting your councillors by using this sample email template.

Dear Councillors/Mayor, [DELETE AS APPROPRIATE]

Sistah Space is an essential service supporting black women who suffer domestic abuse. Hackney Council is evicting them, forcing them back to unsuitable premises. Do you stand with the Mayor of Hackney on evicting this charity that provides an essential service to our community? Please take swift action to secure a safe place for Sistah Space in Hackney.