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Petition: Stop the Hijab Ban

On March 30th, the French Senate voted in favour of a law that will ban muslim women under the age of 18 from exercising their right to wear a hijab in public. The word muslim in these sentences has been italicised because that's who this law is against. It's not about secularism because according to the secularist state, a nun's decision to wear her veil is a commitment and a choice, in comparison to their counterparts. This blatant islamophobic decision is an extension of the French neocolonialist ideals that Frantz Fanon spoke about in 'Algeria Unveiled.' The French's obsession with the hijab is a repetition of policies that they attempted to implement during their colonial rule. The worst part about rereading this piece over 50 years after its first publication is just how little has changed.

If you would like to do something to help, sign the petition and pressure the French Government to rethink this hateful stance. And when the streets open again, maybe rethink whether or not you really want to visit France to recreate your favourite scene from Emily in Paris.