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On Chandra Mohanty

"The relationship between "Woman" (a cultural and ideological composite other constructed through diverse representational discourses—scientific, literary, juridical, linguistic, cinematic, etc.) and "women" (real, material subjects of their collective histories) is one of the central questions the practice of feminist scholarship seeks to address. This connection between women as historical subjects and the representation of Woman produced by hegemonic discourses is not a relation of direct identity or a relation of correspondence or simple implication. It is an arbitrary relation set up by particular cultures"-(Chandra Mohanty, Under Western Eyes)

Chandra Mohanty is a feminist scholar whose work focuses on the politics of difference and solidarity; the relation of feminist knowledges and scholarship to organizing and social movements, mobilizing a transnational feminist anti-capitalist critique; decolonizing knowledge, and theorizing agency, identity and resistance in the context of feminist transborder solidarity.

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