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With everything that is going on in the world, it's so easy to dismiss the comments of others as ill-timed or insensitive and tell them to read the room. But as more events unfold and different transgressions come to the forefront, we are often reminded that although we feel more connected than ever, we are in-fact in different rooms.

As our locations cause us to focus on lockdown restrictions, or lack thereof; the date causes us to focus on upcoming elections; our heritage, friendship circles or social media can also call us to look outwards and focus on issues that although are happening oceans away, affect us more than many would realise.

It's hard to read the room when the walls are plastered with so many issues and events to the point that they cover the windows and make us blind to the things taking place beyond.

The world's response to the murder of George Floyd reminded us all that you do not need to be in the same town, city or even country to use your voice to speak up against injustices. It challenged us all to check our privilege and use whatever tools that we have to try to spark a change.

This same sentiment lives on as individuals around the world are banding together to protest against police brutality in Nigeria as they call for the end of SARS and SWAT under the #EndSARS movement. Even in this instance, this movement shows us that in many ways, we are all in different rooms. As womxn and the LGBTQ+ community share their stories of the atrocities that they have faced at the hands of SARS, it is clear that we all need to use the freedom that our location, place in society and relative freedoms to speak for those who risk their lives to even speak.

Now more than ever, is the time for us all to come together and look outwards, beyond the things that immediately affect us and take action. Through #JeSuisChaima we are reminded the need for us to stand in solidarity with the womxn in Algeria who are fighting for justice against their attackers. The tragic story of Chaima's murder highlights just how often womxn's voices are ignored and how the deaf ears of society often leads to putting us at risk. Although on different corners of the continent, Chaima's story mirrors that of the stories of womxn in Namibia whose names are being fought for by the anti-femicide protesters under the #shutitalldown movement.

Each day, protesters, womxn, marginalised people are risking their lives whilst fighting for their basic rights to live and exist. This is why we are calling you to #LeaveTheRoom. Look beyond your immediate level of sight and speak up for someone who cannot.


Links to Organisations Doing the Work & Upcoming Protests


Information support on UK protests and processions

Email Officials in Namibia

Click this link to send an email to officials in Namibia to call for an end to SGBV

Feminist Coalition

A group of young Nigerian feminists providing support for protesters

Sister Namibia

A feminist organisation in Namibia fighting for womxn's rights

Petition for Chaima

A petition calling for justice for Chaima Sadou


Official page for the DC, Maryland and Virginia protests to End SARS