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From Her Own Lips: Black is King

African feminist's Liz, Onyeka, and Tunrayo talk through their reactions to and experiences of Black is King. During this Live Podcast, the FHOL cast hopes to share their initial experience of Beyonce's Black Is King, a powerful film that centers the Black Diaspora and Africa. The cast will also engage with some of debates and conversations that have emerged post the release of the film. The cast hopes to create a dialogue that holds space for multiple truths and generates continued conversation about the relationships between the diaspora and Africa.

FHOL is a Black feminist podcast hosted by 2 African feminist located in South Africa and the United States. Onyeka and Liz engage in conversations about Black women's lived experiences. They center Black women in the hopes of creating community, sharing love, and providing healing.

When: August 29th

Time: 2 PM EST

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