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Event (UK) - Black History Month Workshop- ABL Bristol

All Black Lives Bristol is hosting a series of workshops discussing different topics for Black History Month.

1st of October - Allyship. this will be done by the team. we will be discussing the importance of allyship and answering all your enquiries.

reminder: this is a safe space and we will be talking about sensitive topics meaning we will need people to feel cautious of others but also do not be afraid to ask any panelists questions in the breakout rooms or in the chat as other participants may have the answer for you.

11th of October: Black LGBTQ` - we will be joined by Kiki bristol. the discussion will be revolved around historical LGBTQ folks and todays activsts adding on the importance of fighting for LGBTQ rights.

18th of October: Mental health - Zazi will be our panellist for this one. we're hosting this event as there is a huge stigma around mental health especially in the black community. please come to find out way you can reach out for help and ways you can get involved with helping out.

25th of October: Black radicalism and feminism - panel with Black community rising plus others. this will be a conversation around black radicalism and feminism, we will be talking about activists such as Malcolm x and Angela davis.

Please use the link here for tickets .