• The Only Space


Her hair was what hooked me.

The long dark waves of wander that pulled me in with a single flip

like a forest I wanted nothing but to lose my fingers in.

I had dreams of it growing so long it lassoed me tight and pulled me into her embrace.


left in a world of her enticing smile,

as she gives me her ring covered fingers and promises of forever.

But now,

Every time she flips her hair I want to cut off every single lock.

Watch it all snap and fall to the ground, like my heart did when you turned me away.

Snipping and snipping till it becomes an un-mythical pixie cut.

Until no one else gets trapped in your brunette halo.


The Writer Behind the Writing

Hi, I’m Jaz!

I’m a 19 year old, law student but my true passions lie in art and creativity. I’m a poet/writer, and also have my own youtube channel and podcast (which I started a few weeks ago). I’m also very passionate about human rights and making the world a better place for children and minorities especially. I think the arts are the best way for people to come together and it can be used to explore deep human emotions and experiences in a way science just can’t. I’m eager to bring black, POC, and LGBT+ stories into the limelight as they can often be neglected.

You can find my other work here, and subscribe to TOS to keep up to date with some of my other work.