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Thoughts on Surviving R. Kelly

Source: ABC News

Last week, Lifetime premiered their docu-series 'Surviving R. Kelly.' Starting off with a warning to potential viewers, this show looks to examine what has happened from the survivor's perspective. This show confirmed what many already knew but it was a difficult watch for many. Here is one viewers opinion on the show.

In watching the surviving R.Kelly docu-series, it confirmed what I already believed to be true from over 20 years ago. R.Kelly has been targeting young girls since he dropped out of Kenwood High School. It wasn't until Aaliyah when his behavior was thrown into the forefront. But sadly, the young ladies that he chose next did not have the strong foundation to pull them out of what was to come.

By episode 2 we were then introduced to a young lady by the name of Lisa who appeared in the infamous sex tape alongside Kelly and an underage girl. Lisa shared her story on how she was manipulated into his world. When it came to the sex tape she was told the of the young lady was around her age 16 - 17. However, she later found out that the young lady was only 14 years old. The young girl in question was allegedly the niece of Kelly's back up singer Sparkle. Kelly used the girls he was involved with to help him lure more girls. As I watched the whole series, my stomach turned.

I haven't felt so sick in my life. The Aaliyah situation was one thing but he has been doing this for decades now. That is the disgusting thing about it. I just wish that something had been done sooner to save these girls. As I watched the show, I had so many questions. Why did he get so many passes? I still don't understand.

This type of behavior needs to be addressed and the people involved need to be held accountable.


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