• Catherine C

He Has Grandchildren Now...

Where do I start? I remember many times as a young girl when my mom used to have me stay over at her best friend's house . She had a brother and he used to just peek under the covers as I slept in her bed. I would wonder to myself what he was trying to do.

I was a quiet little girl, I didn't bother him him or cause him any trouble, so why? Why would a grown man need to bother a young girl as she slept? Why a would a grown man feel the need to try to pry covers off of a young girl as she lay asleep in the bed of a woman who was babysitting?

I have many recollections of him doing this.

He would have me wake up and scared he would just smile and say shhhh as I woke up. You might wonder why I am telling you this now. Well, I wrote this now because I saw a post on facebook with his daughter I believe he has grandkids now and I wondered if he thinks of me and what he was trying to do if I didn't wake up. I hated sleeping in that house and I often wonder how he would feel if his daughter went through what he did to me.This is not the only man who did me wrong as a child but this is my first little bit of story.

I shall share more with those who reach out to me and ask to hear more. I am a #MeToo woman and I believe any woman who tells her story. My story is true, no matter if I said this 30 or whatever years later, it happened!


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Catherine C: A mom of five, grandma of 2 and a surviver of what made me stronger

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