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I remember when I first came across a performance by Janette...ikz, I had never seen a woman wear her truth so boldly. Her words inspired me. As she used her art to tell her story and paint her narrative, I realised just how important it is for people to share their stories. It resonated with me because it was a story that I needed to hear, that was unfortunately not shared enough.

We often shy away from issues such as abuse, sexism and harassment. The church is no different. I don't think that it is out of ignorance. I think it comes from a place of shame. For too long, it has been an issue that has been mishandled and sadly, this has set a terrible precedence. We have moved a long way from the times where the Levite dismembered the victims body and sent her body around as a warning. But just because that's no longer happening, it doesn't mean that the church is a safe place for survivors of assault.

Survivors need more than just words of encouragement taken from devotionals proclaiming that women are now 'loosed,' they need their voices to be heard. They need people to be open. They need believers to pray for them when they themselves do not feel like praying. They need the church. But not the church that we see today. We need people who are comfortable enough to talk about the uncomfortable.

Over the next few weeks, the Praise Rapport will be sharing some practical steps for survivors, so please stay tuned.

Where do you go and who do you turn to once you have shared your testimony? Leave a comment below.


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