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Introducing Praise Rapport

We are super excited to announce a new segment that will be coming to The Only Space. As you have probably figured, TOS is committed to creating a safe space for women to come together to discuss issues that effect them in today's world. We want to create a community and we want you to be apart of it.

Introducing...Praise Rapport. Praise Rapport, PR, whatever it is that you want to call it, will be a new fortnightly post that will be released every Sunday.

Many of the posts that have been published recently have been about healing. Healing from: trauma, relationships, illness, abuse and the reality of life. Some people have shared how they have healed by attending therapy whilst others have found solace in art.

Praise Rapport will be a source of encouragement on your healing journey. As we share our experiences with you and show you how we have used our faith and relationship with God to move forward.

Stay tuned. Our first post will be out on the 28th October.

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