• Emma Tang (@intersectional.abc)

How Trump’s Nomination Birthed a Feminist!

The tumultuous election of 2016 went down in history as one to change the world. It would be one to affect women, people of color, and Americans at our core.

To make matters worse, I moved from a fairly liberal state to one of extreme conservatism. On the first day, I was repeatedly asked a number of ignorant questions. “How are you able to speak English so well?” “Do you eat dogs? Cats?...Parrots?” “Are you Chinese? Thai? Japanese? Korean?” My academic accomplishments were dismissed and my grades were simply attributed to my ethnicity.

The Birth of @intersectional.abc

After attending the Women’s March of 2017, the empowerment that I experienced was a rush of emotion all at once. I cried. Soon after, I became an administrator on a fast growing Instagram account. However, due to differences of opinion, I decided to create my own page @intersectional.abc where I would be in control of what kind of feminism I taught. As the popular saying goes, “Feminism without intersectionality is just white supremacy,” so I knew that I needed to emphasise the importance of not just being a feminist, but an intersectional feminist. As a proud daughter of immigrants, my heritage and identity as an ‘American born Chinese,’ is also very important to me.

My goal is to educate everyone on the benefits of feminism and to heal the rift of the races, sexualities, and genders. I hope to highlight the inequalities through wit, sarcasm, and passionate resistance. Everyone deserves basic human rights.


The Writer Behind the Writing:

Emma is a social media activist who helps educate people of all ages on how to bridge the social gap between different kinds of people. At 16 years old, she is nearly finished with high school and is preparing for college. Emma stays true to her asian nature by being an accomplished pianist and by keeping a 4.0+ GPA. Emma currently trains as a figure skater in Colorado Springs, CO in addition to balancing schoolwork, activism work and her social activities.

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