About Us

Committed to Making a Difference

Founded in 2018, TOS: The Only Space was established in order to ignite conversations around the issues womxn experience daily. Today TOS and the feminist blog Griotte: From Her Own Lips are collaborating to share feminist work with everyone. 



Transformation in part lies with our ability to engage with the activisms and organizing already occurring around the world.  We want to share the works of feminist organizers with the hopes of bringing more people to feminism. 

TOS intends to showcase writers and champions in our community, linking you with the best events, reading lists, and organizations.  We want to co-create a platform with all of you that  centres the voices often ignored. 

This is our space. This is your space.


If you are a creative, writer, student society/group, or a feminist organization  and would like to get involved, contributing to blogs or sharing information on up and coming events and meetings, please email theonlyspacest@gmail.com or fill in the form at the bottom of the website.